Kelley Student Campaign

For all your Kelley moments: Give to make a difference.

What is your Kelley moment? Each Kelley student has one—a defining interaction with a faculty, a flash of inspiration, an introduction to a mentor, a life-changing interview. This single moment can explode into a chain reaction of opportunities. Honor those moments by making a gift to the Kelley student campaign.

Donors fuel our momentum at the Kelley School. Private support is vital to the excellent programs and experiences you’ve come to know and expect. By making your first gift to Kelley upon graduation, you’re honoring the faculty and staff who impacted your time here, you’re ensuring future students have the same—if not better—experiences, and you’re assisting in providing the resources needed for Kelley to remain an elite, top-ranked business schools.

Graduation may be close, but you’re forever a Kelley.

Make a gift to the Kelley Student Campaign.

You can give any amount, but we think $20.19 has a nice ring to it.

Designate Your Gift Where You Want Impact:

Want your gift to have the greatest impact? When you give to the Kelley Shareholders Fund, you’re building momentum for Kelley. The Shareholders Fund provides Dean Kesner and our faculty with the capital to deliver the moments that got you to graduation and will propel your career forward. Your gift touches every aspect of the Kelley School and enables us to do what we do best. Your gift:

  • Attracts talented students
  • Promotes academic excellence
  • Creates a balanced student life and vibrant school culture
  • Helps diversity thrive
  • Enables global opportunities and experiences
  • Stewards our corporate partners and prepares students for recruiting


Contact Alan Goodno, senior director of development, Annual Fund, at 812-855-5591 or