Graduate with global business experience and two degrees

During your 3/2 MBA experience, you’ll engage with at least three companies or organizations while earning your degree. This includes time spent internationally working with organizations as part of the program’s signature, eight-week Field Study. Hands on experience includes:

  • Capstone multidisciplinary business simulation competition
  • Local field consulting opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to real-world business issues in a team setting
  • Opportunities to take your learning outside of the classroom through experiential electives like our Assurance Learning Lab in NYC or Accounting and Public Policy in Washington D.C.

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Work with Career Services to chart your career path

As an undergraduate student you experienced the expertise and support of outstanding career services at the Kelley School of Business. Expect nothing but the best as you begin your MBA. You will continue working with career coaches to prepare for recruiting events, create a job search strategy, and connect with companies.

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Don’t put off getting your MBA—consider ROI

The need for a master’s degree in long-term career success is increasing. With the 3/2 MBA, you will position yourself for career advancement and long-term success. Because of the investment you made in gaining advanced business skills, recruiters will know you are prepared to lead. Our graduates command higher salaries as their careers progress.

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