Instructional Resources

The Institute for International Business recognizes that educators at all levels—primary, secondary, and post-secondary—play a significant role in helping students gain essential knowledge about the world and hone their analytical and critical thinking skills. In today’s highly interconnected world, a strong foundation provided by educators equips students with the tools to succeed in any career they may choose over their lifetime.

Through the IU CIBER grant, we provide a variety of instructional and pedagogical resources, ranging from K-12 educational modules to a video series that demonstrates how to internationalize content within the college classroom.

Teachable Moments Video Series

Each episode of Teachable Moments illustrates approaches to teaching cultural nuances through the use of hands-on, in-class activities, as well as tips on incorporating international examples in the college classroom. Many of the examples can be adapted to the high school classroom as well.

Pedagogy Resources

IU CIBER offers a series of webinars and video presentations each academic year on innovative approaches to teaching international business. Coordinated by P. Roberto Garcia, clinical associate professor of international business at the Kelley School of Business, these presentations feature teachers from a diverse range of business and nonbusiness disciplines.

Internationalizing the K-12 Academic Standards

Internationalizing the Academic Standards: Indiana suggests ways for K-12 teachers to incorporate international content into the teaching of academic standards. Authored by a group of educators, the publication provides detailed examples for the four core subjects of English/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. IU CIBER, the IU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and the IU Center for the Study of Global Change coordinate and support the project.