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Indiana University Bloomington

Department of Accounting

Kelley’s undergraduate program

Kelley's undergraduate program in accounting was ranked  #11 in the nation (#6 among public universities) in U.S. News & World Report's 2013 rankings.

Hoosier Globetrotter

C. J. Getz BS'82

International Tax Partner, Deloitte

London, United Kingdom
C. J. Getz

“My colleagues and I are always looking forward rather than looking back. We’re ready to capitalize on opportunities.”

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When he graduated from Kelley, C. J. Getz couldn’t predict that one day he would make a career of looking into the future.

An international tax partner for Deloitte, Getz advises four multinational clients, including one that has subsidiaries in 70 countries, on what they can do now to minimize how much they pay in taxes later. Whether helping structure an acquisition or roll out a new stock option plan for executives in several countries, Getz helps his clients successfully navigate what’s to come.

“My colleagues and I are always looking forward rather than looking back,” he says. “We’re ready to capitalize on opportunities.”

For Getz, being ready means understanding his clients’ long-term goals, different countries’ tax laws—basically, anything that could affect his clients in the months and years ahead. “We’re continuously looking for new ideas and processes to help make our clients more efficient and improve their tax profile.”

Getz relies heavily on his knowledge of tax code, as well as common sense and input from colleagues throughout Europe and the world. He’s constantly navigating cultural and language barriers with his colleagues and clients—all of which has made him very adaptable.

“The most successful multinationals are constantly adjusting,” Getz says. “The tax laws are constantly changing, and we try to help our clients adjust to those laws and take advantage of countries that are putting favorable rules in place to attract business.”

Always a planner, Getz appreciates the “fantastic job” Kelley did preparing him for the business world. “The accounting curriculum got me ready for life in a big accounting firm,” he says. “Many of my professors had worked in accounting, so they were able to tailor the subject matter to what we would need when we graduated. When I started my job, I had all the confidence in the world because I could see that the knowledge I had gained at Kelley was exactly what I needed.”

Getz became interested in international tax and multinational companies as a junior staff member working on tax returns in Deloitte’s Indianapolis office. He volunteered to work on international tax assignments, and because they were generally more complex than domestic ones, his colleagues gladly obliged. He later applied for an international assignment that took him to Sydney, and his career took off. In addition to his current assignment, in which he splits time between London and Zurich, Switzerland, Getz has worked in Indianapolis, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Sydney, Australia.

“One of the advantages of the big firms is that they have offices in every major city throughout the world,” he says. “I was in Sydney for four years, and our office overlooked Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House. I took a 10-minute ferry ride across the harbor to work. Life doesn’t get much better than that.”

In Brief

Hoosier in the Big Apple: Grew up in Indiana and worked in Indianapolis for seven years before transferring to New York City. “I like to joke that New York was my first foreign assignment and after that it was all easy.”

Down under, every day is a g’day: “The lifestyle in Australia just can’t be beat. I sailed, I fished in the harbor, and I like to run, cycle, and swim. In Australia you could do all those things and most of them are just outside your door or 100 yards down the street.”

IU hangouts: “I was a regular at Nick’s for IU basketball games. I loved whiling away my afternoons at the Indiana Memorial Union, drinking coffee and hanging out.”

A match made at Deloitte: Married a Kelley alumna he met at Deloitte. “Deloitte’s been very good to me. Twenty-five years, my wife, and fabulous work locations. I can’t ask much more.”

Published April 8, 2011