Meet some of our recent grads

"What I love most about my role is that we focus on the ethical component of life sciences companies."

Mayesha Awal, MSHM'21Analyst, Epsilon Life Sciences

"It was the not-so-easy to acquire leadership, interpersonal, and professional skills the MSHM program taught which were the most beneficial in preparing me to take on a leadership role as a young professional."

Lindsey Biggs, MSHM'21Project Manager, IU Health Physicians

"The MSHM program provides you with the academic knowledge and practical experience you need to start your career in healthcare administration."

Staisy Cardenas, MSHM'21Administrative Fellow, Beacon Health System

"The faculty and students truly care about you. They all want to see you succeed within the industry and will lead you to the right resources to make that happen."

Max Frausto, MSHM’22Consultant, Baker Tilly U.S.

"The MSHM program is an excellent opportunity that allows you to learn how to become a transformative healthcare leader from two renowned schools, the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Kelley School of Business."

Elizabeth Grimes, MSHM’21Administrative Fellow, IU Health

"The MSHM curriculum has given me a much more holistic view of medicine and healthcare delivery—focusing on more than just the clinical components of medicine."

Luke Haag, MSHM’22Future physician

"I was able to apply classroom learning in the real world right away and that was a huge asset of the program."

Amrit Prasad, MSHM’22Public Sector Consultant, Grant Thornton

"Being a leader in the healthcare industry is something I have always strived for and felt very supported by the MSHM program during it and still to this day after graduation."

Cecelia Stonner, MSHM’21Contract Manager, Cigna