Corporate Partners

Thank you for your interest and support of the 12th annual National Diversity Case Competition (NDCC). Corporate partners benefit from their affiliation with the NDCC in several ways. As partners seek to increase diversity in their workforce, attending the NDCC as a corporate partner provides access to more than 160 talented students from widely varying racial, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds. In the spirit of the competition, which seeks to promote diversity, each four member team is asked to include at least two members who identify as underrepresented minority individuals. In order to ensure that students attending the competition are still candidates for internships, leadership opportunities, and full-time jobs, the competition requests that each include at most one senior member.

The majority of the funding for the event is provided by corporate partners. Funding the costs associated with student participation in the program is a priority as it eliminates barriers to participation ultimately allowing the event to showcase the best student talent.

Thank you for your consideration and support of the NDCC. Our strong partners and supporters of the event are one of the main things that help us attract such high caliber participants. We anticipate that the competition will continue to exceed expectations of partners and participants, while fulfilling its goal of expanding diversity in the workplace.

Corporate opportunities

Last year’s competition drew talented students from across the United States. This year we will continue the careful selection of students to ensure top talent at the competition.

The prize money and the lack of financial burden on students who are interested in participating make this event attractive. As the event is now in its twelfth year, we anticipate the increase in talent will continue.

All student teams will be required to submit resumes for each team member at the time of application to the competition. Resumes of all participants will be made available to our corporate partners in advance of the competition. This will enable partners to be strategic in their networking and recruiting.

We want to ensure that students and corporate partners have every possible opportunity to network. It is our intention to provide the resume book to corporate partners earlier than we have in the past. This action, combined with the expanded access to interactive corporate partner panels will give students and corporate partners an opportunity to get to know each other.

Each case presentation will be recorded and made available to corporate partners after the event. This will allow all partners the opportunity to evaluate the presentation skills of the participants, even if they were not judging a particular student’s team. It will also allow partners who do not attend the event the opportunity to share in the experience.

All corporate partners will have the opportunity to participate in panels led by the Kelley Office of Development and Engagement. This allows students to gain insight into corporate culture, all while offering another venue for corporate partner/student engagement.

Participation in the NDCC is a tangible way for companies to demonstrate their support for diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice in the workplace. It also allows companies to strengthen their relationship with participating schools.

If you are interested in partnering with the NDCC, please contact