Institute for Corporate Governance (ICG)

The overarching vision of the Institute for Corporate Governance (ICG) is to be recognized as one of the world’s premier research institutes for corporate governance.

Our mission is to conduct and disseminate high-quality research that advances corporate governance theory, informs policy debates, and influences organizational practice.

We use a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach that builds upon the breadth and depth of the expertise of our faculty and external partners. We apply new perspectives to examine classic governance issues, including auditing, board governance, investor rights, executive compensation, and CEO succession. We also provide a forum for discussing and researching emerging governance issues such as stakeholder theory, corporate social responsibility, risk management and cyber security, the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in governance, ethics and compliance, regulatory intervention, and diversity.

The lectures, roundtables, and seminars that we host facilitate discussions across academic disciplines, the legal community, public officials, and organization leaders.

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