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Black Box Studios

An empty studio filming room shows backdrop options including a red curtain backdrop, the green screen, and a white curtain backdrop. Lights and cameras are mounted in the ceiling.

Designed as traditional video studios and outfitted with the latest equipment, Black Box Studios are the best option for recording lectures, interviews, and webinars. Studio setup options include:

  • furniture suitable for interview and panel discussions

  • backdrops, including curtains and professional green screen technologies for creating virtual settings

  • monitors to display content for your reference or to share with a class 

Projection Studios

An interior of a projection studio shows the white curved projection wall. The wall is surrounded by video equipment and lights are mounted above in the ceiling.

The Projection Studios feature all the same equipment and options as the Black Box Studios plus a cutting-edge projection wall capable of displaying content from familiar tables and graphs to hyperrealistic virtual settings generated with Unreal Engine. Use these studios to create interactive scenes and environments for immersive educational experiences.

Self-Service Studio

Need a simple set-up to record your course with basic options like self-recording, a document camera, and a whiteboard? Choose the Self-Service Studio, available year-round, any time of day. 

Faculty members can reserve studios through the Kelley Faculty Resource site.

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