Teaching Resources

Access resources that support your teaching success.

Teaching is a complex process in an ever-changing environment. Whether you are a first-year teacher or a full professor, the information here can help you prepare, teach, and document your teaching.

Administrative Basics

Get started with the practical information you need. This FAQ has current info on course waitlists, drop/add requests, grades, course evaluations, and more—as well as addressing student expectations and tips for the important first day of a class.

FAQ for Kelley Instructors

Sign up for one of several course development institutes offered through IU’s Center for Innovating Teaching and Learning. These are structured in various ways (e.g., intensive 8-day sessions to once-a-month sessions over the course of a semester), oriented toward different types of classes (e.g., small-to-medium classes to large classes), and offered throughout the year.

Holding Students Accountable for Preparation

Handling Academic Misconduct

Course Evaluations of Teaching