Institute for Business Analytics

Better Insights Through Business Analytics

Businesses have a powerful tool for thriving in a rapidly changing, increasingly complex environment: analytics. Analytics enables organizations to detect trends, predict the most likely scenarios, and make optimal decisions about everything from daily operations to high-level strategies.

Shaping the Future

Analytics is the present and future of business, and the Institute for Business Analytics is helping to shape that future. Whether you’re a student seeking the skills for a successful career or a professional searching for innovative ideas, Kelley has the skilled faculty and state-of-the-art resources to meet your goals.

The Institute for Business Analytics uses the resources of the prestigious Kelley School of Business to produce insightful research and train professionals who can excel in this exciting new field.

What Is Business Analytics?

Simply put, it’s using data to make better business decisions. And it’s becoming big business.

For years, companies have collected data about their practices and consumers. Now, thanks to inexpensive computing, more and more companies are putting their data to work—using techniques such as predictive analytics, optimization, and simulation to make fact-based decisions that improve productivity, increase profits, and create a competitive advantage.