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Indiana University Bloomington

Communication, Professional & Computer Skills

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal lists communication skills among the top traits sought by recruiters.

Practically Speaking

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don't think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.” -- Bill Gates

About Us

Welcome from the Co-Directors

Sue Vargo and Amy Kinser

In the Communication, Professional, and Computer Skills area in the Kelley School of Business, we focus on the fundamental skills necessary for success in the academic and business world. This integrated and innovative design  sets Kelley apart from other business schools.

As co-directors of CPCS, our goals are to ensure each student has the opportunity to develop outstanding oral, written, and team communication skills; build a tool box of effective job/career search skills and strategies; and use computer skills to effectively analyze problems and make sound business decisions. We are fortunate to work with an extremely strong, award-winning faculty committed to teaching and providing an outstanding learning experience for Kelley students.

In Communication Skills we have one of the largest faculty in the country with 26 full-time faculty members dedicated to teaching. In these classes, students complete required courses concentrating on presentations and writing and all with a strong team-building component. Competitive case competitions—the signature events of both the freshman and sophomore year—give each student the chance to work on a real-life business problem and deal with real-life corporate executives. Elective courses are also available, covering a variety of topics including intercultural strategic communication.

In Professional Skills we offer two required classes. Students explore career options during their sophomore year, then concentrate on matching their abilities and interests with a potential employer during their junior year. In these courses, students widen their network by meeting corporate executives through lectures in the classroom and a slew of activities outside the classroom. To increase the chance of getting just the right position, we also offer an internship class to get maximize the experience.

In Computer Skills we offer one of the oldest and most effective required business computer courses in the country, with K201: The Computer in Business established in 1963. Our 11 full-time faculty members demonstrate how computers and technology permeate every business. Above and beyond the traditional point-and-click approach, students solve case-based business problems and model data for business analyses. By critically analyzing the strategic function of computers and technology, students gain an understanding of the impact of the technology on sound decision making and the very survival of the enterprise.

We are committed to providing outstanding communication, professional, and computer skills preparation so our students can look forward with the confidence required to gain a competitive advantage. Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sue Vargo and Amy Kinser
Co-Directors, CPCS