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Indiana University Bloomington

Center for Education and Research in Retailing


Raymond Burkeís research on shoppability reveals valuable insights about how people shop, helping retailers increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Perspectives on Retailing

The Centerís signature publication, Perspectives on Retailing, features innovative research on retailing by Kelley faculty and other researchers.

Research and Publications


The Center’s faculty members are leaders in generating new knowledge about retailing. The following publications are a sample of their research.

"Overcoming Challenges of Global Expansion," (PDF), with comments from John S. Talbott. Edgell Communications, Inc., and Apparel, 2014.

"Technology Facilitated Case Competitions: A New At-Distance Learning Approach to Interdisciplinary Student Collaboration," (PDF), John S. Talbott and Theresa D. Williams. Selected to receive the Cengage Learning Best Refereed Paper Award for the 2012 MMA Fall Educators' Conference.

"Embeddedness of Organizational Capabilities" (PDF), Rebecca J. Slotegraaf and Rajdeep Grewal, Decision Sciences

"The Ties Between Capabilities and Uncertainty in Managerial Performance Judgments" (PDF), Rebecca J. Slotegraaf, Rajdeep Grewal  and Murali Chandrashekaran

"Retail Shoppability: A Measure of the World’s Best Stores" (PDF), Raymond R. Burke, Future Retail Now: 40 of the World’s Best Stores

"The Impact of Information Delivery: Can Simply Presenting Pieces of Information Together or Apart Affect Judgment?" (Word), Shanker Krishnan, presented at the Society for Consumer Psychology 2008 Winter Conference

"Strategic Reinvention and a Co-Branding Decision: The Federated Department Stores Case, Part A" (PDF), Franklin Acito and Theresa Williams

"Implementing a Re-Branding Decision: The Federated Department Stores Case, Part B" (PDF), Franklin Acito and Theresa Williams

"Recapturing Store Image in Customer-Based Store Equity: A Construct Conceptualization" (PDF), Katherine B. Hartman and Rosann L. Spiro, Journal of Business Research

"The Third Wave of Marketing Intelligence" (PDF), Raymond R. Burke, Retailing in the 21st Century: Current and Future Trends

"Creating the Ideal Shopping Experience: What Consumers Wants in the Physical and Virtual Store" (PDF), an Indiana University–KPMG study

"Retail Technology in the Next Century: What’s ‘In Store’ for Consumers" (PDF), an Indiana University–KPMG study