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Julie Manning

Associate Professor of Business Law and CBLS Life Sciences Research Fellow, Kelley School of Business

Julie Manning

“Applying business research to the growing demands of the life science industry offers me an opportunity to inform, but also to learn from, the unique dynamism that this industry offers.”

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Julie Manning Magid believes that the Kelley Center for the Business of Life Sciences is an important resource for Kelley, Indiana University, the cities focused on life science businesses and the state.  From the inside looking out, Julie sees the significance of the Center’s collaborative efforts every day through the graduate level courses she teaches and in her research pursuits. 

Each year Julie directs teams of MBA students who work with life science companies.  From large pharmaceutical companies to small health professional firms to medical device makers, her students examine the economic engine life science businesses bring to this state.  The joint program MD/MBA students offer one unique life science perspective to the classroom while students employed as engineers and managers for a broad spectrum of life science business offer another.  Together, the legal and ethical implications of business are applied to these firms as well as others in a way that helps unleash into Indiana’s economy graduates who can continue the work of building the life science culture of our state.

“CBLS brings together life science research from a variety of business disciplines to advance the classroom discussion.  I rely on my colleagues’ perspective to help me develop excellence in my teaching.  CBLS also brings the life science industry together so that research can connect directly with these state, national and global businesses.”

Julie’s research focuses on an interdisciplinary understanding of privacy and technology which has a unique application in medical records privacy.  With Kelley co-authors, Mohan Tatikonda and Philip Cochran, Julie is able utilize several theories of privacy to better understand users’ relationship with emerging technology.  Separately, Julie researches legal issues of pregnancy and women’s health as it impacts employment and productivity. 

Published April 12, 2011