Corporate-Sponsored Programs

Bring our expertise and training to your employees

What can Kelley’s world-class faculty and instruction do for your company?

The Kelley School’s deep portfolio of professional development courses includes an option to offer existing courses or certificate programs—or to custom design one—to address the specific needs of your organization. And, we can bring the instruction to your facility.

Customize your own certificate programs

In addition to our open-enrollment certificate programs, Kelley School of Business Executive Education offers a variety of customized certificate programs to organizations. Both types can be provided just to your employees. Certificates comprise multiple one to three day courses. Topics include:

  • Leading from the Middle
  • Marketing Management
  • Professional Manager
  • Accounting Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Business Administration
  • Business Analysis
  • Cybersecurity and IT Leadership
  • Finance and Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management

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Sample of available courses for accounting, finance, management, leadership, operations and decision technologies, marketing, and business communications

We offer a range of one to three day courses that can sharpen thinking in specific areas, such as strategic market management, building and leading a high-performance culture, effective business writing, and cybersecurity 101 for managers and directors.

The courses below are designed to complement a company or organization’s internal training and development efforts. Our courses deliver a highly customized learning and development experience that enhances business acumen in your organization.

If you have development goals that require instruction not listed below, let us know because we can create curricula to meet your needs.

Management and leadership courses

  • Building and Leading a High-Performance Culture
  • Leading Change
  • Leadership that Inspires High Performance
  • Assessing and Improving Your Management Skills
  • Leader as Coach
  • Personal Leadership
  • Lead with Negotiation and Persuasion Skills
  • Influence without Authority
  • Corporate Innovation
  • Building Catalytic Leaders
  • Developing Your Critical Thinking Skills: Avoiding Decision Traps
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Women in Leadership
  • Leading Across Generations
  • Leading Millennials
  • Leading a Matrix Organization
  • Leading Teams in Organizations

Marketing courses

  • Performance Driven Pricing
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Building the Marketing Plan: Aligning Your Business with Your Customers
  • Improving Marketing Performance: Levers That Boost Financial Return
  • Brand Management
  • New Products: Writing Strong Concepts & Inputs to Forecasting
  • Attaining Excellence in Forecasting

Accounting and finance courses

  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Financial Analysis: Strategies for Creating Value
  • Financial Accounting: Introduction to Financial Statements & Analysis
  • Financial Analysis: Strategies for Creating Value
  • Financial Management: Assessing and Improving the Financial Health of your Organization
  • Financial Statement Analysis: Assessing Firm Profitability and Risk
  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Operations and decision technologies courses

  • Cybersecurity 101 for Managers and Directors
  • Building Effectiveness of Off-Site Employees and Virtual Teams
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Design Thinking for Service, Innovation, and Problem Solving
  • Framing Business Problems
  • Predicting the Future
  • Project Management Excellence
  • Technical Storytelling
  • Technical Writing Strategies

Business Communications courses

  • Effective Business Writing
  • Effective Communication: Presentations that Influence
  • Executive Presence
  • Snap! Tweet! Post! Organizational Communication in the Age of Social Media