Learn how to collaborate, connect, and communicate in today’s virtual world of work with this business skills certificate focused on building remote teamwork skills. These power skills (sometimes called soft skills) are keys to advancing your career in the digital workplace. Set yourself apart as an employee or job candidate with skills in communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence, collaboration, adaptability, and creativity.

The courses in this program are designed  to guide you in working effectively with others. Remote and hybrid work environments require heightened self-awareness and understanding. Learn the concepts, practice important skills, and apply tips and scientifically based models in order to build trust and navigate difficult workplace situations.

Kelley School of Business faculty are experts in communication and career and professional development. They will guide you to choose effective ways of creating connections with teammates and others in virtual work.


Earn the Digital Teamwork and Business Skills Professional Certificate and you will be prepared to:

  • Analyze components of psychological safety in a virtual team context
  • Develop a social media plan to advance your career
  • Engage strategies for effective communication in a virtual modality
  • Identify the different methods of virtual communication and when they should be used
  • Recognize common pitfalls that spark miscommunication and conflict in virtual settings