Frequently Asked Questions

Kelley via edX: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find answers to common questions about the Kelley School's partnership with edX. For more information, please contact or 812-855-7282.


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Degree options

What Kelley degrees are offered through edX?

Master of Science in Information Technology Management

This degree is completed online through the edX platform.

The MS in Accounting program is being suspended. What does that mean?

We are no longer offering the MS in Accounting through edX.

MicroMasters® credentials

What is the IUx MicroMasters credential in information systems?

The IUx MicroMasters credential in information systems consists of three online courses and is designed to:

  • Explore structured transactional data and known questions along with unknown, less organized questions enabled by raw/external data sets in the data lakes. Topics include data strategy and data governance, relational databases/SQL, data integration, master data management, and big data technologies.
  • Look at digital technology and innovation from the perspective of a chief information officer (CIO). Investigate agile frameworks, cybersecurity and risk management, IT investments, and vendor management.
  • Develop strong data analysis skills and the ability to accurately describe and interpret analytical findings.

To earn the IUx MicroMasters in information systems credential, you must successfully pass and receive a verified certificate in all three courses in the MicroMasters program (BUKD-X590, BUKD-X591, and BUKX-T588).

The MicroMasters information systems courses are a required part of the 10-course online MS in Information Technology Management (MSITM) program. Every student in the MSITM program must take the MicroMasters path.

Do I need to be a verified learner to earn the IUx MicroMasters credential?

Yes. If you are interested in the IUx MicroMasters credential, you must successfully pass and receive a verified certificate in all three courses in the MicroMasters program.

Is the MicroMasters a degree-granting program?

The MicroMasters program is NOT a degree-granting program nor is it a guarantee of admission to the Indiana University Kelley School of Business graduate program. It is a separate stand-alone professional certificate.

Does the MicroMasters credential in information systems count toward the MS in Information Technology Management program?

The MicroMasters credential is a stand-alone professional certificate. Once a MicroMasters credential holder is admitted to the 30 credit hour MS in Information Technology Management program, 9 credits can be applied toward the master’s program and therefore only 21 credits will be needed to graduate.

Do any of the MicroMasters courses have prerequisites?

No prerequisite is required for any MicroMasters course.

In what order must the MicroMasters courses be taken?

The courses may be taken in any order.

Is there any way to reduce the time needed to take and pass each course?

No. The courses are instructor-paced and run 12 weeks.

What is the MicroMasters completion policy?

If you accept the offer of admission into the Master of Science program prior to your completion of the MicroMasters certificate, you will have one year from date of admission acceptance to successfully complete the MicroMasters courses and earn the MicroMasters certificate. Students who do not successfully complete the MicroMasters courses and earn the MicroMasters certificate within the one-year time period will not be allowed to matriculate into the full Master of Science program at Indiana University.

Am I considered an IU student if I am taking IUx information systems MicroMasters courses?

No. While the MicroMasters® courses are a required portion of our master’s programs, students do not matriculate into the Indiana University system until they are ready to begin the fourth course of study in the 10-course program. This is because the MicroMasters® courses are offered on a massive open online course (MOOC) system and a bachelor’s degree and application are not required.

If a learner applies to the IU online MS in Information Technology Management program and is accepted, as they enter the fourth course of study in the program, they will be assigned a University ID and email, and will be entitled to all the rights and privileges of IU students.

Coursework and student experience

What will my terms at IU be like if I come to the MS in Information Technology Management program with the relevant MicroMasters credential?

A typical study load could be one to two courses per term depending on availability of faculty and demand for courses. Learners can expect more live session interaction opportunities, which are recorded for later viewing if the student is unable to attend. The learning platform (edX) will continue to be used for instruction. Refer to the academic calendar for a breakdown of the schedule.

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What is the Kelley via edX deferral policy?

You are expected to begin coursework in the term for which you applied and were admitted. You may request to defer your program start a maximum of one time by providing a written request to the admissions office. If your deferral request is approved, you will be required to meet the degree requirements and pay the tuition rate effective at the time you matriculate into the program. If you do not enroll in courses in the next available start term, you will be administratively withdrawn. You must then fully apply for admittance into any future term, and admission into future cohorts is not guaranteed.

Cost and funding options

What is the cost for the MS in Information Technology Management?

The MS in Information Technology Management program comprises 10 courses at a total cost of $21,000. The first three courses, which make up the MicroMasters credential, are $499 per course, payable to edX online as you enroll as a verified learner on the edX platform. Once you are accepted to the MS program, the remaining seven courses cost approximately $2,785 per course, payable to Indiana University. Each term is 12 weeks long with four terms a year, so you can complete the course in as little as 21 months or as long as three years.

Is financial aid available for the MicroMasters courses?

While online master’s degree students may apply for federal loans or other opportunities, we do not offer scholarships or funding for the edX MicroMasters courses. One reason for this is that the MicroMasters courses are offered on a massive open online course (MOOC) system which is open to anyone and does not require an application. Most students who have been accepted into the IU Kelley School of Business master’s program, however, have successfully sought tuition reimbursement from their employers as part of a professional growth plan.


Is there a formal way to apply or enroll in the MicroMasters programs?

The MicroMasters programs do not require an application. To earn the MicroMasters credential in information systems, you should enroll via the edX website in the verified track of three courses in the program and receive a passing grade in each course.

What is the path to earning an MS in Information Technology Management from IU?

You must apply and receive admission to the master’s program, which requires completion of seven courses in addition to the three MicroMasters courses.

Apply now

I have a three-year degree. Will that count?

Our program requires that applicants have the equivalent of a four-year US bachelor’s degree. The Office of International Services (OIS) will conduct a bachelor’s degree equivalency review before your application is reviewed by the Kelley edX admissions committee. Please visit the OIS equivalent degrees page or more information. Students with a three-year degree will need to complete the first year of a postgraduate degree to be eligible for admission.

If you have questions about the process, please contact our Kelley program specialist for the edX partnership, Arpita Bala, at or 812-856-3482.