Kelley Junior Faculty Conference

Junior Faculty Conference

The Junior faculty of the Department of Finance at the Kelley School of Business proudly hosted the 2nd Kelley Finance Junior Faculty Virtual Conference November 6 and 13, 2020.

This virtual conference is was organized by Kelley junior faculty, inviting external faculty who are themselves, junior faculty, at their universities. These researchers focus on important areas within the field of finance, such as corporate finance, household finance, asset pricing, and information theory.

2019 Participants

  • Song Ma (Yale University), "Human Interactions and Financial Investment: A Video-Based Approach"
  • Emanuele Colonnelli (Chicago University), "Corruption and Firms"
  • Petra Vokata (Ohio State University), "Marketing Financial Innovations"
  • Gil Segal (University of North Carolina), "Counterparty Risk: Implications for Network Linkages and Asset Prices"
  • Navin Gondhi (INSEAD), "Learning in Financial Markets: Implications for Debt-Equity Conflicts"
  • Gonzalo Eduardo Maturana (Emory), "Labor Market Effects of Deleting Delinquencies"
  • Anastassia Fedyk (Berkeley), "Trading on Talent: Human Capital and Firm Performance"