Becoming a leader in managing the world’s most valuable brands requires more than a solid education in the functional aspects of marketing. 

In recognition of the brand manager’s need to think like a general manager, our students are required to select from courses that include capital budgeting, strategic managerial accounting, global supply chain management, project management, and electronic commerce.

Beyond Functional Knowledge to Leadership Skills

What sets our program apart from other schools and programs is the recognition that a manager’s success in guiding brands is a function of “soft skills.” The Kelley School has always offered an outstanding selection of leadership-related courses as general electives. Students work with Academy Directors to create an individual program of study that focuses on areas that need development.

The Marketing Component

Beyond the first-year core, which exposes students to the fundamentals of marketing, students take at least six courses in marketing. These include courses in marketing strategy, brand asset management, and a unique course in consumer channels. Students also select from courses in advertising and promotions, consumer behavior, market research, pricing, and new-products management. The capstone marketing course for the major will hone students’ leadership skills in an experiential, simulated marketing environment. While marketing decision skills are assessed, the leadership dimensions of creativity and vision-setting, presentation and persuasion, critique and feedback, initiative, attention to detail, and group management are also put to the test.