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Indiana University Bloomington

Doctoral Programs


Hubert Pun
Doctoral Student

Decision Sciences major
Department of Operations and Decision Technologies

Hubert Pun likens graduate school to an arduous task—but credits Kelley faculty with helping him make it through. “While climbing the Mount Everest of graduate school, there are many great Kelley professors that help us along the way,” says Pun. “Having the privilege to apprentice under these professors gives me a glimpse of the true meaning of being a researcher. They are approachable and caring, and they have a sense of humor and are responsive.”

Areas of Study

Decision Sciences

Decision Sciences is one of three doctoral programs offered by Kelley’s Department of Operations and Decision Technologies (ODT). Decision Sciences is devoted to the study of quantitative methods used to aid decision making in business environments.

Using mathematical models and analytical reasoning, students examine problems in areas such as operations and supply chain management, information technology, marketing, finance, management, and economics. Students learn how to solve these problems by using a number of mathematical techniques, including optimization methods (linear, integer, nonlinear), computer simulation, decision analysis, artificial intelligence, and more.  

Decision Sciences students learn from the best teachers. ODT faculty members have published more than 75 articles in professional journals in the past two years and have written 35 unique books, including the definitive textbooks in operations management, operations research, data communications and networking, data analysis, and Excel modeling. They have consulted for organizations ranging from hospitals and nonprofits to corporations and major league sports teams such as the Dallas Mavericks.

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