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Consortia Programs

Participants having a discussion

Participants having a discussion.

While customized programs for individual organizations offer high value, many of our clients appreciate the opportunity to learn alongside their peers from other firms. These programs which bring together executives from a number of non-competing organizations of similar size or with similar business challenges are called consortia.

In 1988, Kelley Executive Partners (KEP) launched its first consortium. This consortium, the Indiana Partnership for Management Development (IPMD) was developed from KEP’s strategy of innovation through market intelligence and in an effort to shift the focus of executive education away from the traditional university model of “build it and they will come.”

Since that time, KEP has built and delivered numerous consortia, each with a unique theme, approach, and learning objectives, ranging from global leadership to general management to leading change.

We see the consortia product line as an opportunity to showcase our partnership process. There are several unique features to our concept of a partnership.  First, and foremost, we stress the involvement of all the companies in the design and delivery of the program, and in the selection of participants to the program.  We start with the audience as defined by the executive specialists of the companies involved in the partnership.  That is why it is critical to have equal involvement of all the companies in the program development and delivery process.

Second, we combine the strengths of the open enrollment experience with the strengths of a custom designed program.  Participants gain the advantage of mixing with their peers from some of the leading firms in the world today.  At the same time, they have a program designed with their specific companies in mind; complete with presentations by faculty who have researched and spent time with their firms, panel discussion by senior executives from their companies, an advisory direction from the HRD executives representing their companies' development needs.

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