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Indiana University Bloomington

Doctoral Programs


Morgan Poor

Video Transcript

Meet Morgan Poor
"Well, my name is Morgan Poor and I’m a second year doctoral student here in the marketing department at Kelley. I’m originally from Bowling Green, Ohio, where I got my undergraduate at Bowling Green State University. And I got my master’s at the University of Kentucky in communication, and now I’m here."

Loving Bloomington
"On the weekends there are a lot of things to choose from. Like I said, there are always events and shows and plays and operas going on on campus. Anything that you could want is here, and I didn’t know that before I got here, which is why it was so impressive. Just walking around downtown and all the little shops you can find. The coolest little coffee shops in corners you would never see. It’s a really great feeling."

Multiple Job Offers
"Just in the last two years, I’ve seen five of our students go up on the market and get multiple interviews, multiple visitations to go see the campus and present, and then multiple offers [so] that they really had options. I think all of them ended up at the university that was their first choice, if not their second or third. I think the important thing is they all went somewhere that they wanted to go and that they were comfortable with. And I’ve heard great things from them in terms of being happy and doing good work."

"The one thing I love is that there doesn’t seem to be any kind of politics going on. All the faculty work with one another, they all have projects together, and you don’t have to worry about working with one person who doesn’t like someone else because everyone is really involved with each other.

"Here at Kelley for the doctoral students, we have a Doctoral Student Association, and they provide us with some funds every year to do some social events and social activities. This year, I’m an officer in that and so we’ve really tried to make socializing within even departments in Kelley a lot more feasible. We’ve had a couple of happy hours, and of course like a picnic at the beginning of the year to welcome new students. And just this past Saturday a bunch of people went to the football game, and they did the tailgating before and then went to the football game together and then tailgated after."

Faculty All-Stars
"My research area broadly is marketing, slightly more specifically it’s consumer behavior. Right now I have one project going with Rebecca Slotegraaf and Shailendra Jain, who was here and now is in Washington, but is still participating in the research, which is great so we still get his feedback and his help with the project. So that is the project we’re doing on firm innovativeness. And we’re doing it from the strategy side and the consumer behavior side, which is why it is great to work with both of those people. Rebecca is an all-star in strategy and Shelly is a total rock star in terms of consumer behavior and experiments. It’s been such an amazing experience to get to learn from both of them who are so established in their field.

"The great thing about the department is everything is at your fingertips. We have our business library connected to the building, right across the street is the main campus library. Then right on the floor that all the marketing professors are on we have this great consumer lab that we can sign-up for and use. And in this lab we’re provided a lot of students that are undergraduates taking the general marketing courses, and they’re required to sign-up for so many research credit hours. And that’s just an invaluable resource to have right at our fingertips so that if we want to run data or run experiments, we can just sign up for this. People are very friendly in the department in terms of piggy-backing and really getting you in there as soon as possible to further your research."