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Indiana University Bloomington



Policy Changes

  • Travelers (employee and non-employee) will have 60 days from the return date of their trip in which to submit travel reimbursement claims.
    Effective September 1, 2010
    Reimbursements submitted after this 60 day period will be considered taxable income. After 120 days from the return date of the trip, there will be no reimbursement. Indiana University Foundation Funds may not be used for the reimbursement after this time period. More Info...

  • Parking at Indianapolis Airport -
    Effective January 1, 2002
    Reimbursement will be $7.00 per day.
  • Lodging -
    Effective July 1, 2000
    If an employee pays for another employee's hotel room, the employee who paid will now be able to claim the total amount. The original paid receipt must be attached to the reimbursement of the employee claiming reimbursement, and both travel reimbursements must reference to the employee paying the bill. A Copy of the hotel bill must be attached to the other traveler(s) reimbursement form, referencing all travel numbers.
  • Airline Tickets -
    No airline ticket stub will be required to be attached to the reimbursement if an employee has charged the airline ticket to IU.
    If the airline ticket was not charged to IU, an original passenger receipt or invoice on electronic tickets must be attached for reimbursement.