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Indiana University Bloomington


IU Foundation Information

Please contact Amanda Prather (855-2792) in the Business Office for
information about:

  • Setting up new accounts
  • Access to IUF accounts
  • Questions on IU Foundation accounts
  • Questions on monthly statements
  • Transfers between IU and IU Foundation accounts
  • Investments
  • Gift deposits / other income
  • Gift Adjustments

Please contact Janelle Anderson (855-9071) in the Business Office for
information about:

  • Direct Vendor Payment E-docs
  • IUF to IU Scholarship/Fellowship Transfers


IU Foundation Forms:


Helpful Links:

  • Do you need to see if a Direct Vendor Payment has been paid?
    > Go to ETA-Web and click on Transactions at the top.  
    > Enter the account number and time-frame.
    > Locate the amount of the request and click on the extended details [ * ].  This will show you the check number.