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Indiana University Bloomington


One-Day Parking Permits

One-day parking permits may be purchased in the Business Office (Room 3023) for non-student visitors, speakers, etc. at a charge of $8.00 per permit. These may be charged to a departmental account, if used for business purposes.

  • Visitors should display the permit immediately upon parking to avoid being ticketed by Parking Enforcement.
  • Parking permits should never be given to a visitor blank. (A specific date must be written on the permit). A blank permit displayed will be subject to ticketing by Parking Enforcement.
  • The date on the parking permit should never be changed. Altered permits will be subject to ticketing by Parking Enforcement.
  • When exiting the 11th & Fee Parking Garage, visitors using a Valid Today Only permit should use the Cashier Exit. The passes will not swipe in the permit readers.
  • Parking in the 11th & Fee Parking Garage is free from 6:00 PM Friday until 7:00 AM Monday.
  • Student clubs and organizations must purchase Valid Today Only permits directly from Parking Operations. They are located at the Henderson Parking Garage, 310 S. Fess Avenue, Bloomington IN.

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