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Indiana University Bloomington


Competition Award Disbursements

As of Academic Year 2012-13, the process for disbursing competition awards has changed.  All competition awards that can be classified as part of an Indiana University student's academic experience must be processed through the SIS system.  Non-IU student competition awards will still be processed on a Disbursement Voucher. Please follow the procedures outlined below. If you are unsure whether or not the competition that you are hosting qualifies for SIS disbursement, please contact Janelle Anderson in the Business Office.

  1. As soon as a department is aware that they will be hosting a competition, they should notify the Business Office so that any needed accounts or sub-accounts can be set up.  The Business Office will also need to request an item type from the campus if one is not already active from a prior year.  Item types can take up to 6 weeks to be created and ready for use.

  2. Once the competition has taken place, a departmental faculty or staff member must complete and submit the Request For Competition Award Disbursement form to Janelle Anderson in the Business Office (CG 3023).  Please do not have students collect this information as it may contain sensitive information and should be kept securely until it is submitted to the Business Office.  Tax forms (W9 and W8BEN) no longer need to be collected for Indiana University students who are competing in a competition that is classified as part of their educational experience.

  3. For any Non-IU recipients, awards will be processed on a Disbursement Voucher in FIS.  The department will need to collect tax forms and provide a copy of a notification letter for each recipient: 
    • For each Non-IU recipient, please submit either a W-9 (Domestic/U.S. Citizen) or a W-8BEN (International) and a copy of a notification letter (can be via email) that was sent directly to the recipient.  These will be processed through FIS on a Disbursement Voucher.  The recipients will receive a check through postal mail at the address that they indicate on the tax form.  Please note that international recipients who are paid via disbursement voucher will have approximately 30% of the award amount deducted for taxes by FMS Tax. The notification letter is used as backup documentation to be attached to the DV. This notification is required by FMS for approval.

      FMS will not accept forms that do not include name, address, ownership status, SSN, and signature.

      Please advise recipients completing the W-8BEN that they should include both their international address in Part 4 and their local address in Part 5. FMS will not accept the forms without both addresses included

      **Please Note:  Completed W9, W-8BEN should never be submitted or forwarded via email.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Janelle Anderson in the Business Office at 855-9071 or