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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Leave of Absence - Frequently Asked Questions

I previously attended the Kelley School of Business; can I return without having to reapply for admission?
As long as you leave Kelley in good standing, you may return without having to reapply.

How long will my student record stay active while I am away from campus?
Student records stay active for one year; once a student has not registered for classes on the Bloomington campus, their record becomes inactive.  However, the Recorder can reactivate your record when you decide to return.

How long will my IU e-mail account stay active?
Your student computing accounts remain active as long as you are enrolled at any IU campus. After two consecutive terms (fall, spring, and summer are each considered one term) during which you are not enrolled through the IU registrar, UITS will disable your accounts.

When should I notify the Records office I am returning?
Submit the form the semester before you plan to return so your record can be reactivated and
a registration appointment be requested for the upcoming semester.

I am an international student, how will the Office of International Services be notified that I am approved to return to Kelley?
When the Recorder receives your returning student form, your record will be reviewed and if you left Kelley in good standing, OIS will be sent an e-mail stating you are approved to return for the appropriate semester.

How can I find the date & time I can register for classes?
Check OneStart the following months:

Summer registration:Middle of March
Fall registration:End of March
Spring registration:Middle of October


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