Diversity Support

The Office of Diversity Initiatives is more than an office. It's a community.

The Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives (KODI) serves and celebrates the rich diversity of Kelley’s student body. We provide programs and a community for students to come together and feel supported, welcomed, and affirmed. 

Support and opportunities for current students

The Kelley Office of Diversity supports underrepresented minority students, including students who identify as African American, Latino/Hispanic, American Indian/Native American, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

The dedicated staff members are your mentors. They are eager to listen, to help you solve challenges, and to enable you to achieve your goals.

Programs for current students include:

Academic advising is available to assist students with degree planning, graduation checks, enrollment planning/troubleshooting, major changes, and career advice. Walk-ins and appointments are available daily. Students may access availability using the online scheduler.

Kelley Prep Academy (KPA) is a one-year program available for students applying to Kelley through the Standard Admissions Process. The program includes professional and academic development events, social events, study tables/tutors for rigorous first year courses, an academic pledge of excellence, admissions and academic guidance from Kelley Admissions staff, and opportunities to interact with Kelley faculty outside of the classroom. Special consideration is given to underrepresented minority students. If you have any questions regarding Kelley Prep Academy, email kodi@indiana.edu

Kelley Prep Academy

The Kelley FUTURES Mentoring Initiative is the dynamic rebrand of KODI's mentoring program. FUTURES is an acronym: Fostering Underrepresented Talent Using Resources Educators & Scholars.

Kelley FUTURES will create a community where underrepresented minority students, both those who are directly admitted as well as prebusiness freshmen, are supported, encouraged, and mentored by Kelley undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate students as they achieve academically in pursuit of a business career.

Current IU undergraduates can apply here: Kelley FUTURES Application

For more information, contact Maqubè Reese at kodi@indiana.edu.

KODI Student Advisory Board (KSAB) is charged with being the “student voice” of the KODI office and assists in the planning and implementation of diversity-related events in the Kelley School.

Become part of the KODI family

At the Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives (KODI), you will find support at every step of your Kelley School of Business journey. Watch the video to learn about the KODI family.

Description of the video:

Jordan Davis, BS’22, Marketing and International Business; Hometown: Dayton, OH:
The Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives is full of people who are really invested in the success of underrepresented students.

Jonah Katz, BS ’21, Marketing and Technology Management; Hometown: Indianapolis, IN:
People who come from backgrounds that are normally not represented in the business community, they can come here and they can feel supported and immediately have a home in KODI.

Carmund White, Director of Diversity Initiatives:
The Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives is a family. We are a community of students, staff, faculty, support administrators. We're here to support you, as you go through college, in every possible way.

When you come to college, there's a lot thrown at you. There's different organization announcements, you know, you have classes that you've probably never even heard of and you're trying to make friends. It's just a lot. There are so many advisors and staff members that are completely willing to do anything for any student that's involved. They'll always make time for you.

You can text them, call them anytime of the day and they're just so willing to help because to them, we're not just another student.

You will have an opportunity to have a mentor, you will have an academic advisor, you will have advocacy, you'll have support. It's a one-stop shop for students.

KODI is going to make sure that you're on track with your classes. KODI advisors are constantly checking in, making sure, you know, have you taken this prerequisite? Have you heard about this class?

My advisor, Carmund White, is one of the single biggest reasons that I've been able to navigate IU and Kelley with such ease. Anytime I have a question, I can email him, I can text him. And because of how comfortable I feel reaching out to him, I've been able to develop a personal relationship with him. I know his wife, I know his kids. And I think that it's really special because I'm not just speaking to a college advisor. He's my friend.

I have gone to various advisors that have just sat there with me and listened to me cry or laugh or hear my successes or my lows. One relationship that's meant so much to me, is my advisor Jamie. And Jamie has been so amazing in my life. She'll go to Kroger with me and we'll do whatever, we would go to dinner. It really means a lot to me.

This is a place for you to get information on upcoming events that are happening at Kelley and across campus. It's a place for you to possibly get an opportunity to be a student leader.

It's really important that as a student leader, you're keeping a pulse on what's happening within the school because it's really not about you, it's about your students. And KODI has such a great pulse on how students are feeling.

I'm part of the KODI Student Advisory Board now. It's a group of students that facilitates KODI's vision, through student-involved activities. It's a really great way to get not just historically underrepresented students involved in KODI, but it also brings in majority students.

The times we face this year have been ridiculous. Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit every single person's life, but on top of that, you know, the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others. And it's really, really difficult to go to school and act like everything's normal. It's too much to carry on your own. Now more than ever, I have reached out for help to KODI because that support is there for times like this. And you really can't go through any of this by yourself, and you're not supposed to, because that's the whole point of a community.

The Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives is committed to helping majority students who are interested become allies.

If you're a part of a majority white organization and you want some sort of diversity training or you want to know what is a microaggression or, you know, what is this trauma that black students keep talking about, they will come and talk to you about it.

All throughout the year, KODI puts on events to raise awareness, around D and I topics and really just prepare people to go out into the world, ready to have productive discussions.

Everyone within that office is advocating for us to administration, to the greater part of IU and beyond. And that's really important to me to know that when I'm not in a room, someone is on my side fighting for me, fighting for my community.

The best part of my job is getting to know you, seeing what you want to do, how you want to change the world. And that's what we're both here for. So I welcome every opportunity to get to know you, as you endeavor to change the world because that's what I want to do too.

College is hard, and there are obviously academic stressors but there's a lot of social and cultural stressors you feel as well. And sometimes you just don't know where to turn. KODI is full of professional help and that's really important. When you want to show up as your best self, you need to have that outlet and that's what KODI is for me.

It's been the most consistent part of my experience at IU. It's really the one group of people that I can call, I can text, and I can rely on for anything. It's the same way that your family at home, they're the ones that you call for support. I feel like I have that through KODI.

Scholarships for underrepresented minority students

Three of Kelley’s scholarships give special consideration to underrepresented minority students:

  • The William R. Fry Scholars Program includes a support system to enable you to find your path to success and covers standard tuition, fees, and room and board.
  • The Dean’s Council Scholarship was created out of a shared aspiration of the Kelley School’s dean and its Dean’s Council to sustain and enhance diversity at Kelley.
  • The Conrad Prebys Scholars Program enables talented students to build a foundation for success at the Kelley School of Business.

To be considered for any of them, you must submit the Selective Scholarship Application, which will be provided by the IU Office of Scholarships to eligible applicants.

Programs for high school students

MEET Kelley

MEET Kelley: Meet-Educate-Experience-Transition to Kelley is a unique pre-college summer program for high-ability underrepresented minority high school students to get introduced to the Kelley School of Business, learn the opportunities available, experience a professional business case competition, and ultimately consider transitioning to Kelley after high school.

National Diversity Case Competition

Hosted each year by the Kelley School, the National Diversity Case Competition brings together underrepresented minority business students from across the nation to showcase their talent and network with corporate recruiters.

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Contact us

The Kelley Office of Diversity Initiatives staff is here for you. Contact us to ask questions, talk about your career goals and learn more about opportunities at Kelley.

Email us: kodi@indiana.edu

Call us: 812-855-0324

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