Family Leadership Council

Become part of the Kelley Family Leadership Council.

The Kelley Family Leadership Council is a group of dedicated parent volunteers who serve as ambassadors for the Kelley School of Business.

The philanthropy, volunteerism, and engagement of our council members makes a meaningful impact on the Kelley School of Business and its students. Our parents connect with top Kelley leaders and faculty, form new relationships with fellow Kelley parents, and participate in events regionally and on campus.

Council member responsibilities

  • Share observations, suggestions, or concerns about the Kelley School's undergraduate programs and campus life.
  • Provide resources through professional networking to secure mentoring, internships, and employment for current Kelley students and graduates.
  • Assist in hosting Kelley events for prospective, new, and current families as your
    schedule allows.
  • Make a leadership gift that is commensurate with your philanthropic capacity and passion for Kelley. An annual gift of $5,000 is encouraged.
  • Attend council meetings twice a year.

Our mission

  • Engage Kelley parents and families in activities that promote Kelley and enrich their student’s undergraduate experience
  • Provide families with a formal link to Kelley
  • Make the Kelley experience positive for families
  • Support Kelley School initiatives

Letter from the Chair

Dear Kelley Family Community,

As Chair of the Kelley Family Leadership Council, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Kelley School of Business and Indiana University. Congratulations on this exciting step for you and your student. You have joined a caring, supportive, and amazing community at Kelley.

When my son, Max, moved from New York City to Bloomington three years ago, it felt very far (and foreign) for all of us. I knew I wanted to stay connected and engaged with the School, much as I had done with his previous schools, so I could better understand the experience, help him be more effective and connect with other parents. I joined the Kelley Family Leadership Council to get a closer look at how the school is creating transformative experiences for its students. Additionally, I hosted parent events in New York City (here's hoping we can do that again soon!) and I make annual financial contributions to invest in the Kelley experience. I am proud to be a Kelley Parent Ambassador, sharing my knowledge, love, and passion for this wonderful and exciting school.

The college experience can be overwhelming for your students (and you) to navigate. Your role in their lives will change but your student will still need your support as a stable, reliable foundation in their dynamic world. Kelley staff and faculty will also be supporting your student with a wide variety of programs and services, so there will be many resources available. It can be a difficult time for everyone but encourage your students to take advantage of these opportunities (and you should too!).

On behalf of the Kelley Family Leadership Council, congratulations and welcome to Kelley! Go Hoosiers!

Amy Davidson P'22
Chair, Kelley Family Leadership Council

2020–21 Kelley Family Leadership Council Members

Louis and Kamia Davidson; Tariq, BS’23
Auburn, Alabama

Stephen and Susie Barber; Henry, BS'24
Scottsdale, Arizona

Blanton Bartlett and Mary Eddy; Henry, BS’21
Pasadena, California

Aaron Gershenberg and Julia Massa; Marcus, BS’20
Menlo Park, California

Robert and Anne Gumm; Joshua, BS’22
Hermosa Beach, California

Jim and Michele Hess; Eden, BS’24, and Cameron, BS‘20
Encino, California

Daniel and Paula Myers; Reese, BS'23
San Jose, California

Neil and Kim Augustine; Daniel, BS’23
Greenwich, Connecticut

David and Karen Newman; Courteney, BS’22
New Canaan, Connecticut


Boaz and Susan Ashbel; Zack, BS’22
Miami, Florida

Ricardo Duque and Claudia Restrepo; Santiago, BS’22
Boca Raton, Florida

Sam Luby and Katharina Weibel; Tyler, BS'21 and Ryan, BS’23
Miami, Florida

Caryn and Michael Boxer; Ben, BS’22
Atlanta, Georgia

Brent Beggs and Jeri Mullins Beggs; Sydney, BS’22
Bloomington, Illinois

Christian and Elizabeth Cooley; Matthew, BS’24, Michael, BS’22 and Andrew, BS’20
LaGrange, Illinois

Katie and Kevin Doyle; Patrick, BS’24
Chicago, Illinois

Ann and Doug Grissom; Peter, BS‘24
Chicago, Illinois

Jill and Tim Heise; Sarah, BS’22, Marisa, BS’23, and Ryan BS'24
Chicago, Illinois

Joe and Sue Lehrer; John, BS’23
Chicago, Illinois

Mahesh and Swati Mohnalkar; Dhruva, BS’23
Evanston, Illinois

Julie and David Peters; David, BS’23
Winnekta, Illinois

Ric and Kathleen Phillips; Kaitlyn, BS’22
Hinsdale, Illinois

Dale and Nancy Pollak, Council Co-Chairs; Samson, MSIS ‘21
Hinsdale, Illinois

Peter and Jill Rudman; Meredith, BS’21
Highland Park, Illinois

Domini Wood; Matthew Deitch, BS’23
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

John and Tammy Campbell; Anna, BS’22
Zionsville, Indiana

Warren Chang; Caroline, BS’21
Bloomington, Indiana

DeeDee and Doug Dayhoff; Dillon, BS’23
Bloomington, Indiana

Greg and Liz Farrall; Sammie, BS’23, and Grace, ’23 IU
Valparaiso, Indiana

Ed Free and Cindy Zweber-Free; Katherine, 3/2 MBA’21
Indianapolis, Indiana

Polly and Brett Hagedorn; Sam, BS’20, and Charlotte, BS’23
Roanoke, Indiana

David Kehlor; Zachary, 3/2 MBA’21
Zionsville, Indiana

Mike and Kelly King; Phillip, BS’22
Bloomington, Indiana

Patricia and Sam Knight; Kevin, BS’21
Carmel, Indiana

Caroline and Chris Seger; Kate, BS’23
Indianapolis, Indiana

Dave and Heather Hoffmann; Will, BS’21
Wellesley, Massachusetts

David DeBrunner; Baird Perkins, BS’23, Molly, BS’22, Nick ’18 IU
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

Rick and Michele Forshaw; John, BS’21
St. Louis, Missouri

Dan and Wendy Geraty; Emily, BS’22
St. Louis, Missouri

Sarah Orsay and Russell Montalbano; Thomas, BS’23
Rumson, New Jersey


Peter and Helene Deutsch; Cole, BS’23
New York, New York

Doron and Judy Nissan; Dillon, BS’20, Dana, IU’21
Sands Point, New York

Marc Schliesman and Amy Davidson; Max, BS’22
New York, New York

Brian Luntz; Joseph, BS’22
Shaker Heights, OH

Larry McAllister and Elizabeth Gessner-McAllister; Anne, BS’21
Columbus, Oh

Brian and Fran Falco; Ben Armistead, BS’21
Dallas, Texas

Jim and Beth Gold; Matthew, BS’21
Dallas, Texas

Sheena Jing; Maggie Qiao, BS’22
Shanghai, China

Questions? Ask Sara.

Sara Herold, Associate Director of Development, Parent Engagement, is committed to the success of our students, parents, and families who share a passion for Kelley School of Business. To contact Sara, email or call 812-856-0205.