Part-Time Options

Advance your career while you work.

If you’ve accepted a full-time opportunity upon graduation, consider the +Kelley part-time option. Begin in June with the Jumpstart Business Foundations course in Bloomington, Ind., before you start working full time in July. Continue your education enrolling in online coursework to complete the additional 24 credit hours you will need for your graduate degree in business. Take 15 months to three years to complete your graduate business degree online while you work.

+Kelley students are currently eligible for six online part-time Master of Science degrees offered through Kelley Direct:

Career Coaching

As a +Kelley student, you will have access to the Kelley School’s top-ranked Graduate Career Services. Our dedicated career coaches will work with you to develop a personalized career path, polish your interviewing and networking skills, and make connections with other potential employers.

Opportunity is waiting for you at Kelley.