Connect with top recruiters

Last year, more than 175 companies visited the Kelley School of Business to hire talent, and hundreds more recruited virtually. As a +Kelley student, you’ll have access to these powerful connections and opportunities to meet with the top employers from all over the world.

View employment statistics for the MS in Accounting with Data and Analytics (MSADA), MS in Finance (MSF), and MS in Information Systems (MSIS).

Our students meet with recruiters throughout the year

An in-depth knowledge of accounting prepares MSADA graduates for success in assurance, data analytics, risk management, or taxation—and commands higher salaries as graduates’ careers progress. The Kelley School of Business has relationships with more than 500 companies across the world. Our graduates have been recruited to firms including Crowe, Cummins, Deloitte, EY, FORVIS, Grant Thornton, KPMG, and PwC among other industry leading firms.

Prepare for a broad range of career options

Recruiters find our MSF students attractive because they combine non-business backgrounds and undergraduate degrees with in-demand finance expertise.