Information Systems

Recent Highlights

  • The department has had a significant growth in research expertise in IT-enabled decision-making, including the impact of recommender systems on decision-making and IT for the subconscious.
  • We have increased our research expertise in the design of IT systems, including cognitive aspects in systems design, semiotics and design, and the science of design.
  • We also have enhanced research expertise in the areas of digital piracy and cybersecurity.
  • Our department has also expanded expertise in IT and healthcare, such as online healthcare communities and the impact of IT on healthcare.

Areas of Faculty Research

One of the key strengths of our faculty is our breadth of expertise, offering students the opportunity to work with faculty in numerous domains, such as: 

  • antecedents and impacts of social media
  • business analytics and intelligence
  • cognitive aspects of data management
  • collaboration technologies
  • data governance
  • data modeling
  • design of IT systems
  • digital piracy
  • early-stage tech entrepreneurship
  • economics of information systems
  • enterprise systems implementation
  • heterogeneous databases
  • human-computer interaction
  • information goods
  • IT and healthcare
  • IT and worker displacement
  • IT for the subconscious
  • IT use and impacts
  • IT-enabled business process change and management
  • knowledge management
  • mobile/internet marketing
  • online labor markets
  • personalization and recommender systems
  • semiotics and database design
  • social media in healthcare
  • social networks and large-scale data analysis
  • software engineering
  • usability in mobile systems
  • virtual teams and groupware

Our faculty are leaders in their areas of expertise, serving as associate editors and on the editorial review board for leading journals, including:

  • Journal of the Association of Information Systems
  • Journal of Management Information Systems
  • Information Systems Research
  • MIS Quarterly

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The Kelley School offers a highly supportive, diverse, and vibrant research environment for faculty and PhD students.

Dr. Jingjing Zhang, Assistant Professor of Operations and Decision Technologies