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The consortium represents diverse and non-competing industries. Program participation is best suited for leaders at the executive vice president or senior vice president level. Those at the vice president level will also be considered. Members are encouraged to send at least one executive from an operations function, such as sales, purchasing, marketing, or strategy, and one from an internal services function, such as legal, compliance, finance, audit, or HR. Participating executives should be interested in becoming more effective values-based leaders and change agents within their companies.

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Companies are welcome to explore the effectiveness of this consortium on a test basis, with the agreement of the member firms, without making a commitment to join as a contributing member of the consortium.

To learn more about participating on a test basis, please contact Kim Goad, Director of Business Development, at or 812-856-5886.

When you strengthen your executives’ leadership approach regarding values and ethics, you strengthen your organization by improving the overall culture.

This program uses the award-winning platform that has earned the Kelley School the #1 ranking for online MBA (U.S. News & World Report, 2019). Leading Kelley faculty members design and deliver modules that incorporate a variety of learning methodologies, including lectures, case study discussions, small group discussions, experiential learning, and guest lecturers from business, sports, arts and entertainment.

Session topics include:

  • Values-based leadership
  • Getting from “your” to “my” responsibility
  • Effective communication
  • Behavioral ethics and nudges
  • Applying values-based leadership principles to the ethics and compliance risk

Participants will learn how to:

  • Develop and reinforce the values of self-reflection, vulnerability, empathetic communications, and trust as core leadership qualities
  • Understand their own decision-making and the decision making of their teams, providing a window into how ethical decisions are made and translate into desired behavior
  • Build understanding of the risk-related imperative and oft-overlooked strategic value of getting beyond ethics and compliance to a culture of integrity
  • Role model ethics and compliance as a critical success factor for individual and company leadership
  • Work within a holistic coaching framework based on a model of group collaboration and self-realization that equips the leaders with the ability to be more effective change agents who inspire an integrity mindset across the organization

It’s rare that you see the depth of experience that the Kelley Executive Education team brings to a consortium program. As they launch their new program on values-based leadership, I’m sure they will again focus clearly on client needs while bringing the innovative thinking of their faculty to participants’ learning experiences.

Former VP of Human Resources, Dow AgroSciences

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For questions about this program, please contact Kim Goad, Director of Business Development, at or 812-856-5886.

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