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KPLD is designed for high-potential and advancing middle to upper-middle managers who possess the ability to manage people, money, and resources and who are seeking to advance their ability to lead across functions.

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Companies are welcome to explore the effectiveness of this consortium on a test basis, with the agreement of the member firms, without making a commitment to join as a contributing member of the consortium.

To learn more about participating in KPLD, please contact Kim Goad, Director of Business Development, at or 812-856-5886.

When you strengthen your managers’ leadership capabilities with our KPLD program, your whole organization benefits.

Meet the instructor

Carl Briggs, lead instructor for this consortium program, is co-director of the Business Operations Consulting Workshop, clinical professor of operations and decision technologies, and a Fettig/Whirlpool Faculty Fellow. He has consulted and provided training for a number of public and private sector firms. His expertise includes enterprise project management, analytical techniques for supply chain procurement, simulation modeling tools and techniques, and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

About the program

Course instruction is provided by one or two core faculty per session topic, incorporating a variety of learning methodologies including lecture, case-study discussions, small groups, role-playing, experiential learning, and action-based learning.

Session topics include:

  • Leader as a Servant
  • Leader as a Strategist
  • Leader as Enterprise Architect
  • Leader as Innovator
  • Leader as Influential Communicator
  • Leader as Change Agent
  • Leader as Coach

Learning objectives include:

  • Strengthen the manager’s awareness of the competencies required to effectively lead others in meeting business objectives
  • Develop a focused action plan to improve leadership skills
  • Encourage creative thinking and identify barriers to innovation
  • Understand how and when to effectively empower others
  • Enhance ability to implement and manage organizational control systems
  • Sharpen communication skills for higher effectiveness in the workplace
  • Develop and manage work teams for maximum effectiveness
  • Understand the interconnectedness of business functions
  • Identify, frame, and solve complex business problems

Past and current member companies

Fees differ depending on whether accommodations are included and whether participating organizations are consortium members.

Contact Kim Goad at or 812-856-5886 to register. Applications are due six weeks prior to the start of the program.

After you register, you will receive additional information about the modules along with any course materials you might need.

Once enrolled in this course, you are not considered a student of Indiana University.

Completion of the course does not qualify as credit toward any IU program, nor does it qualify you as an alumnus of Indiana University or the Kelley School of Business.


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For questions about this program, please contact Kim Goad, Director of Business Development, at or 812-856-5886.

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