Business Analytics

Learning outcomes

After successfully completing this digital badge program, participants will:

  • Define and explain the business analytics process (problem definition; data preparation; technical analysis and modeling; evaluation of results; implementation and deployment).
  • Understand and describe the functionality and role of analytic techniques in data mining and predictive analytics.
  • Perform data exploration to evaluate variables for data mining and to suggest and implement approaches to handle data problems such as missing values, outliers, and skewed distributions.
  • Construct, validate, and interpret data mining and predictive analytics models with multivariate data sets using various software tools.
  • Compute and interpret key predictive accuracy measures and methods including lift charts, gain charts, and ROC curves.
  • Understand and utilize supervised models such as multiple regression, logistic regression, classification trees, and neutral networks.
  • Understand and utilize unsupervised models including principal components analysis and cluster analysis.
  • Apply data mining and predictive analytic techniques to problems in areas such as fund raising, retailing, direct marketing, market segmentation, bankruptcy prediction, credit scoring, and fraud detection.


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