Executive Education

Experience innovative executive education created and delivered by Kelley

Does your corporate culture need an upgrade? Would decision-making improve with better data analytics? Do you have talented leaders on the cusp of greater responsibility and innovation who would benefit from executive coaching? Kelley Executive Education has been helping businesses solve key problems and realize opportunities for more than 40 years. Our executive education is effective because:

  • Faculty from the top-ranked Kelley School of Business design and deliver our programs;
  • Our professional development, coaching, and certificates focus on what a corporation or individual needs the most today and tomorrow, developing skills in such key areas as leadership, executive communications, negotiations, data analytics, strategy, high-performing teams, ethics, marketing, operations, process improvement, marketing, and much more;
  • Our faculty are committed to offering instruction in a format best suited for our clients, whether it’s online, residential or uses a hybrid format. As a pioneer in online business education, the Kelley School has a remarkable track record for offering programs successfully online.
  • Our programs are high quality and cost effective. Our certificates, which are available to individuals and corporate teams, offer flexible payment options and discounts.

Partner with Kelley Executive Education to gain a competitive edge in your industry or career.

Custom Programs

Students speaking with a faculty member.

We partner with organizations to design training programs and professional development for their specific goals, including the topics, length, design and format of the instruction. Our proven analytical approach fine-tunes training based on client feedback and evaluations to make the training as impactful as possible.

Business Certificates and Short Courses

A team working on a project together.

Our business certificates and short courses are designed to provide working professionals a career advantage in a range of areas, including leadership and change, marketing, ethics and more. Both of these open enrollment options can be delivered as a custom program for your employees.

Executive Coaching

A one-on-one exacutive coaching session.

Our ICF-certified coaches have years of experience empowering executive teams and individuals to achieve their goals. KSBEE has a proven track record for offering small- and large-scale executive/leadership, communication, and team coaching programs with organizations ranging from mid-sized to multi-national.

We have a faculty that takes very seriously customizing executive education for the client and being highly responsive to our client’s need...When you pair that with our technical capabilities with online education, our clients receive high quality, educational programs designed to meet their needs.

Tom Lenz, Professor Emeritus at the Kelley School of Business