Required Academic Prerequisites:

  • Accounting: College-level financial accounting course (200-level or above) or equivalent with a grade of B or better within the past 5 years, or demonstrate significant work experience in financial accounting. 
  • Statistics: College-level course (200-level or above) or equivalent with a grade of B or better within the past 5 years, or demonstrate significant work experience in statistics.

Incoming students who do not meet the above criteria may meet the prerequisites by taking the Accounting or Statistics Primers through Kelley Direct. The cost of each primer is $150 each (Primer Refund Policy: Kelley Direct only makes refunds based on individual situations that must be approved by Kelley Direct directors), plus the cost of the required textbook. Further details can be found below. 

Accounting & Statistics Primers Details:

Kelley Direct requires students be adequately prepared in accounting and statistics prior to enrolling in Kelley Direct MBA or MS degree programs. Typically, our accounting and statistics prerequisites can be satisfied by a student enrolling in an undergraduate course (200 level or above) in these areas. However, we recognize students might apply and be admitted into a Kelley Direct degree program without enrolling in course work that satisfies the accounting and statistics prerequisites. Kelley Direct also recognizes that a person's skills in these areas might have eroded over time.

Kelley Direct has developed primer courses in accounting and statistics for students needing additional instruction in these areas prior to enrolling in a Kelley Direct MBA or MS degree program:

  • Once admitted, a student's transcript will be reviewed to determine if a student has satisfied the accounting and statistics prerequisites.
  • With the offer of admission, a student will receive written notice from the school if the student has not satisfied the accounting or statistics prerequisites.
  • If a student needs to complete additional instruction, the student will be given information with the admission letter on Kelley Direct primer courses designed specifically to prepare students for the graduate-level accounting and statistics courses.
  • Students should then enroll in the Kelley Direct primer course or courses needed in the event they have not already made other arrangements to satisfy the academic prerequisites (that is, have not already enrolled in a course at a local college or university or in an approved correspondence course).
  • Kelley Direct primer courses are designed specifically to cover material and develop skills students should already possess when they begin a Kelley Direct degree program. Admitted students who have not already made arrangements to improve their understanding and application of accounting and statistics will be required to take Kelley Direct primer courses.
  • Kelley Direct primer courses are self-paced. There is no final examination at the end of each primer unless proof of completion is required for reimbursement purposes. A student cannot "fail" a primer. The purpose of the primer is to ensure a student has the opportunity to learn the material needed and develop the skills required when the student begins a Kelley Direct program.
  • The statistics primer should be completed before taking C520 Quantitative Analysis. The accounting primer should be completed prior to taking C521 Accounting. Although the primers are self-paced, you should enroll as soon as possible.

Required Proficiency Skills:

Microsoft Excel: Proficiency in Microsoft Excel is essential to many courses in this program. Students without the appropriate level of proficiency in Excel should enroll in the KD Statistics Primer course. Prerequisite Excel skills needed >>

Voluntary Enrollment in Statistics and Accounting Primer courses:

Finally, some students might voluntarily wish to enroll in the primer courses to ensure that they are prepared in accounting and statistics prior to enrolling in their degree program. Students interested in this option should contact kdprimer [at] indiana [dot] edu.

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