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Indiana University Bloomington

Institute for Corporate Governance

Program Objectives

The Institute for Corporate Governance is dedicated to the study, dissemination, and application of best-in-class corporate governance principles.

Our Work

We provide corporate governance programs, as agreed by both parties, at the site, day, and time of your choice.

ICG Programs,
Philosophy, and Content

Our programs are characterized by candid discussions in an interactive forum with officers and directors with substantial responsibility who are leading corporations and organizations through promising opportunities, challenges, and crises. These are individuals who have thoroughly revised governance practices in the cultures of their respective organizations, and markedly improved the effectiveness of their boards, their advisory groups, and their institutions. An important outcome for participants is the development of a strong network of peers—leaders and directors who share similar responsibilities and experiences and who routinely confront contemporary governance issues. While many issues in corporate governance remain controversial, the objective of the Institute for Corporate Governance is to acquaint participants with their governance options, their implementation, best practices, and their consequences.