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Rejoinder: Can Behavioral WOM Measures Provide Insight into the Net Promoter Concept of Customer Loyalty?

2008, Marketing Science

Neil Al. Morgan, Lopo L. Rego


We examine the ability of the "Net Promoter" of Morgan and Rego (2006) measure constructed using behavioral word-of-mouth (WOM) data to provide insights into the Net Promoter© customer loyalty concept popularized by Reichheld (2003), which is indicated by a score constructed using attitudinal "intention-to-recommend" data. We show that despite differences in data and operationalization, the two measures are very closely correlated and behave remarkably similarly when examined relative to a third related variable, customer satisfaction.


Morgan, Neil A., and Lopo L. Rego (2008), "Rejoinder: Can Behavorial WOM Measures Provide Insight into the Net Promoter© Concept of Customer Loyalty?" Marketing Science, 27 (3), 533-534.


word-of-mouth, customer loyalty, marketing strategy, net promoter, recommendations, customer satisfaction

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