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Leading Beyond the ICT Conundrums for Scholarship 2.0


Bradley C. Wheeler


The foundations and frontiers of ICT and the purpose and passion of scholars are combining to reshape
the modern university. It is easy to squander organizational attention and money in poor timing or poor
choice of technology-enhanced efforts, but it is equally easy to miss the real transformative opportunities
that arise from scholarly communities. As we embark on a new wave of maturing ICT and the attendant
social changes, now is precisely the right time for assertive ICT leadership, purposeful strategy, and
disciplined execution to ensure that our universities are able to rise to their potential. For ICT leaders,
we must not shy away from the conversations regarding the digitization of the scholarly record, frontiers
and funding models for campus and national cyberinfrastructure, and the increasingly porous boundaries
of the university for serving learners. Our passion for architecting networks, systems, and services are
just our stewardship responsibilities to the university. Co-creating scholarship 2.0, participating in a digital
fabric of meta-universities, and doing all of this while serving the needs of individual scholars and
students to deliver “user delight” with ICT services are among our challenges. We do, however, have the
tools and community to lead through these conundrums if we choose to invoke them.


Wheeler, B. (2007), "Leading Beyond the ICT Conundrums for Scholarship 2.0," Presented at EDUCAUSE Australasia 2007, Melbourne, Australia, May 2, 2007.

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