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The National Healthcare Crisis: Is ehealth a Key Solution?

2009, Business Horizons

Philip T. Powell, John Hill


Healthcare, the largest industry in the United States, is in crisis, and threatens to bankrupt the nation’s economy. Medical errors kill an estimated 98,000 people per year, and accessibility to adequate healthcare is an increasing problem for much of the country’s citizenry. Despite being one of the most important keys to resolving this crisis, a national electronic healthcare network (eHealth) is underappreciated and under-exploited, and faces several formidable barriers to implementation. Current and prospective national political leadership has focused narrowly on a subset of issues, in the belief that the crisis cannot be addressed holistically due to political interests. Yet the barriers that greatly impede eHealth’s potential to help solve the crisis can only be removed in a timely manner by a comprehensive,
national framework that reshapes the legal, operational, and economic landscape for eHealth. Only a greater public awareness that encourages national legislative action can enhance eHealth’s potential to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare while reducing its cost.


Hill, John and Philip T. Powell (2009), “The National Healthcare Crisis: Is ehealth a Key Solution?,” Business Horizons, Vol. 52, No. 3, pp. 265-277.


Healthcare crisis; eHealth; National health information network

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