Myron Kanning

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Contact Information

(812) 855-2745

1309 E. 10th Street
Room HH 3100

  • Senior Lecturer


  • Bloomington


  • BS, Indiana University
  • MBA, Xavier University

Professional Interests

How Corporate Culture Impacts Business Results, Organizational Dynamics, Assessments That Predict Future Results


Myron Kanning spent 33 years in Corporate America designing, creating, and leading high performing organizations prior to his return to Indiana University, his Alma Mater, in 2002. This assessable faculty member is known as Moe to his students and refers to his classes as engagements not lectures. His high energy engagements stimulate two way exchanges of ideas and responses by posing challenging thoughts about the business topics of the day. He stays linked to the current challenges by taking field trips into the corporate arena each summer. Myron is often referred to as a very non- conventional, challenging, & leading edge thinker in a very traditional looking body who believes the most powerful and often underutilized word in business is “why.” His experience, observations, and research point that most businesses fall significantly short of their potential by not tapping the underutilized potential of all their employees effectively. He also partners with businesses to un-tap this dormant power.

Selected Publications

  • “Is the USA Following in GM’s Footsteps” – Indianapolis Business Journal
  • “Is Indiana Ready for a Recession” – Indianapolis Business Journal
  • “Empowering Employees Will Enrich Indiana” – Indianapolis Business Journal

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