Marketing Strategy Practicum

  • 7-weeks
  • No credits
  • Prerequisite:

Marketing Strategy Practicum is a project-based course that allows you and your team to work for a client on a marketing project deemed substantial to their business.  The list of clients changes each year (past projects have come from Lilly, General Mills, Intel and others).  Each year we also offer significant projects from our own Bloomington Brands.  Examples of past projects include a study on the viability and financial impact of selling Osmocote through supermarket channels, and development of a strategy to reach and use Master Gardeners as influencers (both for Bloomington Brands).

We meet as a whole class only a couple of times- to discuss the course and your assignments in depth, and to present to the client.  The rest is done in your team, with guidance from the manager you’re working for.  The course will require as much time as a “regular” course.

The course is taught during the 1st 7 weeks of Spring- descriptions of the projects will be available sometime in November.  Please contact professor Jonlee Andrews to learn more about the projects.

Deliverables include regular team updates with the instructor and client, and a final presentation and white paper.

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