Business and Industrial Analysis Project

  • 15-weeks
  • Check with registrar
  • Prerequisite: None

This course designed to actively engage SAGP students in real-world application of industry analysis during academy week of the spring semester.  Activity occurs in three stages.  First, students come together for a full-day lecture on the “art” of industry analysis in practice.  Second, students are divided into industry groups.  Lectures introduce students to their industry’s competitive landscape and the strategies of leading firms.  Harvard cases are used to stimulate student interaction with the business issues faced by senior managers in the relevant industry.  Third, student teams within each industry group construct a presentation that answers a set of questions on the industry.  The presentation is given in front of a panel of two to three judges, one of which is the faculty member.  The other two judges come from industry.  After the presentation, the panel spends time asking the team questions about their work.  Taken together, these activities teach students how to map the economic dynamics of an industry and identify winning competitive strategies within it.  Students learn how to link analysis of financial statements to an assessment of relative performance by firms.  Through the presentation, students gain skills in how to communicate sophisticated analysis and sell conclusions to industry experts.

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