Cybersecurity Law & Policy

  • 15-weeks
  • 1 credit
  • Prerequisite: None

Enhancing cybersecurity is a critical issue affecting the competitiveness of firms and the security of governments.  Increasingly policymakers are fashioning regulatory schemes around the world that promise to shape not only the day-to-day realities of operating information systems, but also cyberspace itself.  This course takes an interdisciplinary, global approach to introduce students to cybersecurity law and policy.  Course content includes U.S. cyber law as well as the role played by comparative and international law to manage cyber attacks generally, as well as cybercrime, espionage, terrorism, and cyber war specifically.  Related topics of Internet governance and the politics of Internet reform will also be addressed.  Ultimately we will analyze regulatory solutions as part of a larger universe of reforms needed to enhance cybersecurity and safeguard intellectual property.

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