Target Excellence in Business Leadership

The Target Excellence in Business Leadership program gives students real-world insights into the challenges and rewards of being a business leader. The program consists of planning exercises, lectures and meetings with inspiring and successful managers, service learning opportunities, and course work. Students are also assigned to mentors who will guide them in developing their leadership skills. Upon completion of the program, students will have the tools and connections they need to pursue leadership opportunities in their careers.

Leadership Skills Development Plan

Here's an outline of the components of the Target Excellence in Business Leadership program.

The starting point for the program is a leadership plan process for each student, kicking off with an I-Core event and extending throughout the remainder of the student's time at Kelley. Students completing the program will have a leadership portfolio to document leadership experiences and to use as a resource in their career search.

Speakers from Target and other public and private organizations visit Kelley students to share their insights on leadership. 

K-Lead is part of the Z302 Managing and Behavior in Organizations course. In the K-Lead component of this course students participate in cutting edge assessment and simulation exercises to measure their leadership skills and capabilities. Each student receives customized, professional grade assessments that identify their strengths as well as areas that require development. Assessment and simulation exercises focus on key skills that Kelley students will need in the workplace. Simulations allow students to participate in meaningful teamwork settings that develop in real-time, and the assessment tools provide the opportunity for students to take on the role of manager and deal with real workplace situations. Thus, K-Lead provides both developmental feedback and a glimpse for the undergraduate student into the life and daily issues of a manager in a contemporary organization.

Leadership coaches counsel students on personal leadership development plans and strategies throughout their time at Kelley. This personalized counseling gives students the one-on-one mentoring they need to strengthen their leadership potential. In addition to helping students improve their leadership skills, mentors will coach students on how to convey their experiences and knowledge to prospective employers.