Global Leadership and Innovation Program

Empowering tomorrow’s global business leaders

The Global Leadership and Innovation (GLI) program is a collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company and the China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee. For a select group of MBA students from across China, this multi-faceted, immersive program is designed to equip students to lead and grow successful organizations in today’s rapidly changing world. Participants develop strategies and solutions for real-world challenges facing a globalized and interconnected business environment.

An opportunity to develop as leaders

GLI participants are empowered to:

  • Understand their individual leadership style and identify areas for improvement
  • Establish a leadership vision that connects to an actionable management plan
  • Innovate and solve problems for a globalized business environment
  • Explore moral and ethical issues impacting leadership
  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders and networks
  • Plan for business contingencies and crises

GLI 2019: China

In partnership with The Coca-Cola Company and the China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, GLI is designed to equip the next generation of Chinese business leaders with practical leadership skills and critical thinking ability through a multi-faceted, immersive summer program.

An immersive learning experience

GLI participants build momentum for their future careers through:

  • Personal development workshops: define your personal leadership style and how it impacts your interactions with others
  • Corporate innovation and international business workshops: gain tools to analyze context, identify issues, develop a vision, and execute change
  • Leadership lessons and ethics workshops: achieve a deeper understanding of leadership through examples and useful frameworks
  • Case project: practice newly acquired skills in a role-playing opportunity
  • Visit to Coca-Cola’s World Headquarters: experience a behind-the-scenes look of an iconic brand