Diversity Ally Certificate

The Diversity Ally Certificate Program is designed to strengthen an individual's ability to advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equity now and in the future.

The Kelley Diversity Ally Certificate is a distinction for those who demonstrate an active commitment to diversity and inclusion, both at Kelley and beyond. These individuals display an appreciation and understanding for the diverse backgrounds of their colleagues, leaders, and direct reports, and are prepared to champion a sense of inclusion within their organizations.

Develop key skills for inclusive leadership.

This initiative will help participants become inclusive leaders by learning about backgrounds or approaches different from their own, increasing their emotional intelligence, and developing frameworks for building community in their own groups and organizations. A Kelley Diversity Ally can be counted on to actively exercise inclusive leadership that aids and advances diverse populations within the Kelley School, Indiana University, the Bloomington community, and beyond.

Becoming a Kelley Diversity Ally means:

  • Being an advocate of diversity
  • Championing equity and inclusivity
  • Expanding your cultural competence
  • Highlighting this distinction as a part of your personal brand
  • Receiving recognition at end-of-year events (e.g., graduation)