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Indiana University Bloomington


The Kelley Advantage

BEPP has a long history of providing economic advice to local, state, and federal officials and agencies. Recently, Professor Mike Baye served as chief economist of the Federal Trade Commission.


Congratulations to this year's scholarship winner:

Julia AlexanderStadelmann Scholarship, Lionel D. Edie Award

Congratulations to the EC3 Case Competition winners sponsored by Keystone group:

Brendan Sutherland, Erick Vas, Rachel Taylor, Bailie Mittman

  • Excellent Career Paths
  • Engaging Network
  • Dynamic Analytical Skills
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Creating the next generation of business leaders.

Improve your quantitative skills and your analytical thinking, understand business strategy from an economic standpoint, and develop the tools you need to land a high-profile position in a consulting firm, financial institution, or market research firm.

Our concentrations in economic consulting and public policy analysis train students to apply economics to business decisions and analyze the effect of governmental policies on the business environment.

So whether you want to become a consultant, work in financial services, go to law school, work abroad, or shape public policy, the Department of Business Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) will give you the skills, connections, and the knowledge to make it happen.

Business Economics and Public Policy students:

  • Gain hard skills in business analytics, managerial economics, game theory, and forecasting.
  • Think strategically within the market and institutional settings in which firms operate.
  • Learn about international markets, multinational corporations, and the threats and benefits of globalization.
  • Recognize how firms’ actions will elicit reactions from interested rivals, government bodies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)—and know how to use these reactions to their strategic advantage.
  • Go to work at the nation’s top consulting firms, investment banks, and market research firms.