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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Kelley's Got Talent

Kelley's Got Talent

Jump on stage and show us a hidden talent! Work with Kelley faculty and peers to put on an event unlike any other. 

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Student Spotlight

Sarah Zeng

Theoretical Mathematics, Business Economics and Public Policy

“Our professors at Kelley exemplify professionalism. They’re wonderful role models, they’re always prepared for class, and they teach the material in a way that’s easy to understand and retain. Outside of the classroom, they are exceptionally supportive and genuinely interested in helping us succeed.”

Faculty Support

Meet your new business mentors: award-winners, researchers, consultants, and—best of all—dedicated teachers.

There’s a reason why our faculty are consistently ranked as some of the best in the world. Their devotion to teaching a vibrant and real-world curriculum, the quality and care they invest in their lesson planning, their drive to stay on the very top of market trends across the industry—it all comes from a very real desire to teach you what they know.

From meeting with you over coffee to discuss your goals to helping you decide which student organizations, internships, and travel opportunities will best advance your particular passions in business—you can count on them to be involved with what you learn inside—and outside—the classroom.

Learn how to conduct exceptional business

In addition to giving you a foundational understanding of the major components of business, Kelley faculty and staff are intentional about teaching you the soft skills required for good business. They’ll help you finesse the self-management and people skills future employers, investors, and partners look for.

Work closely with our faculty, and they’ll teach you how to confidently:

  • Communicate your concepts and ideas in a way that inspires others
  • Create and work with local and virtual teams composed of colleagues with varying skill sets, personalities, and work styles
  • Express yourself in professional conversations that make people want to be part of your network
  • Elicit authentic buy-in to an idea, a decision, a product, or a service
  • Lead meetings effectively and efficiently in order to establish well-defined action steps and gain productive results
  • Acquire and organize well-represented feedback to offer a meaningful analysis
  • Preserve professional relationships by establishing win-win resolutions for all parties involved
  • Stay calm and composed in stressful, overwhelming situations
  • Override emotions like frustration and anger in order to think clearly and productively

Learn even more about why Kelley faculty are world-renowned. Or start exploring our faculty directory to see who you’d like to work with.