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Indiana University Bloomington

Undergraduate Program

Leave of Absence

Records Office

If you are currently a Kelley School of Business, IU Bloomington student and plan to take a leave of absence for a semester or more, please fill out the following form before leaving campus:

Returning Students

If you attended the Kelley School of Business, IU Bloomington, in the past and wish to return:

If you plan to return for the summer/fall semesters, submit the forms by March 1 of the year you plan to return. If you plan to return for the spring semester, submit the forms by September 30 before the January when you plan to return. The Records Office will review the forms and your student record; they will send you an e-mail once a decision has been made. You may submit these forms past the above deadlines; however, you may receive a much later registration time.

Email Records Office: